Probably, at least once in your life, you happen to feel boredom or how you have accumulated excess water in your body and you feel swollen. On the other hand, there are people who have this everyday problem they are fighting day by day.

Eat potassium-rich foods

According to experts

The lack of potassium in the body can result in excess water, and potassium has been shown to balance the sodium level. For this reason, it is important to eat potassium-rich foods such as avocados, greenhouses, bananas to reduce water drainage.

Drink more water. Water retention can also be a consequence of milder dehydration, because when the body does not get enough water it reduces the ejection of water through the urinary tract to keep the water more in the body. If you thought that the water retention will be solved if you do not drink water, you are mistaken. In this case, it would be best to increase the intake of water, and if you add water and a slice of lemon, you will also reduce the level of sodium.

Eat more fiber. The fibers have proven to improve digestion and prevent bruising and constipation. Eat as many fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and other foods rich in fibers every day. Just be careful especially if you are not accustomed to foods that are rich in fibers, as a sudden increase in the amount of fiber can cause bloating. For starters, make slightly smaller amounts of fiber until your body gets used.


Does darker circles under the eyes require only stronger powder, excessive sweating, better deodorant, or are the conditions for you to visit a doctor? Find out which health conditions are usually mixed with cosmetic problems.

Waking up with dark clouds can be the cause of unsafe nights and tiredness, but occasionally they can point to the lack of particular nutrients or endocrine problems. It is very important to recognize whether the cause is medical or cosmetic in some cases.

Acne and hair growth
Many people think that acne and hair growth is a genetic problem or are most often caused by stress or poor nutrition. It is true that in some cases these symptoms may be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition where the female body produces excess men’s hormones.

Likewise, these symptoms can be associated with a non-segregated menstrual cycle and ovarian cleansing, and the problem can be solved by changing lifestyle habits, exercising and healthy eating.

Dark clouds
Pediments are a problem for many people, but it does not always have to be purely cosmetic, but can be a sign of some health problems. Dark circles under the eyes can cause allergies, lack of vitamins, endocrine disorders and blood disorders. If you notice with dark circles around the eyes and symptoms such as sudden weight changes, sweating at night or in general excessive sweating, contact your doctor, otherwise, just buy a better corrector or put cucumbers or potatoes on your eyes.


Feeling tired for days? You claim that this is only due to work and too little sleep? Possible, but you should also check the hidden reasons why you might be tired.

First of all, of course, you must check that you have had enough sleep over the last few days, whether you have been overworked, whether you are under stress. If you think that these are not the number one reasons, it may be time to examine those who are “hiding”.

Did you hear about hypothyroidism? He is one of the top secret reasons for the murder. It comes when a disproportion between tissue needs for thyroid hormones (responsible for regulation of metabolism) and the ability of the thyroid gland to illuminate these hormones. This can be due to stress, reaction to food, autoimmune diseases, hypothalamus disorders, and pregnancy. Symptoms that you need to watch are: constant fatigue, joint pain, poor concentration, marked fatigue after consuming certain foods (which lowers the level of thyroid hormones), depression, … If you notice these symptoms, ask your doctor to schedule you to check for thyroid hormones.


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